Sunday, May 8, 2016

She Does It All

     Yesterday, Mama B talked about all that a mother does. And I am here to tell you that Apprentice-Mom does almost every one of those things to perfection. She is my teacher in nearly every sense of the word, except when it comes to learning about how to perfect my back cast as well as the hidden beauty of a Coke Zero (those lessons are best handled by Grandpa).
     As I’ve mentioned a few times I am homeschooled, and Apprentice-Mom is my teacher. Every day, she helps me and my two sisters understand how to factor polynomials, write an essay, and learn long division all in the space of a few hours. Not to mention she also takes us to scouts, art, dance, sports, goes running with friends, visits a sister who needs a smile, cooks, cleans, and goes to meetings. But there is always time to help us to learn and love to learn.
     As long as I can I remember Apprentice-Mom has been teaching us to love our Heavenly Father, and love our fellow men. When I was six, she and Apprentice-Dad hauled us out of bed early on a Saturday to help with a church food drive. And after I had learned how to carry a 40-pound bag of flour, and helped cart several to the church for distribution, she taught me and my sister how when we are serving our spiritual brothers and sisters, it’s like serving our Heavenly Father.
     Apprentice-Mom does it all. She teaches us how to serve, how to have a relationship with God, she is our school teacher, and she helps us through hard times, and how to face them. So thank you so much, Mom!! I love you!

-The Apprentice