Sunday, September 20, 2015

Camp Wapiti

       Every summer, our whole family gets together to do something pretty cool. We fired this thing up last year, it was a huge hit, and we want to keep it going. We call it Camp Wapiti. The grandkids of the fam get together, with our very own Grandpa and Grandma at the helm, and spend a few days in the outdoors doing all sorts of things like fishing, shooting, and hiking. How cool is that, right? So, a few weeks ago, we did it again. We rented a little cabin up by Laramie Peak, and the whole family gathered up there.
       The first day, after a breakfast of breakfast burritos, we hit the water on a little pond about a quarter mile away. The fishing was okay. We caught mainly eight inch rainbows with our biggest one being about ten. After that, it was time for me to give a little class to the young’uns about knot-tying! After that, they were all quite the square knot-masters. Lunch was next and then it was time to go

shooting! Everyone brought weaponry in one form or another, and we all got to shoot a .22. For two of the youngest, it was their first time ever shooting, so that was a pretty cool day. Grandma also had a go with my .22, and I’ll tell you what, she is so accurate that it is actually terrifying to watch her shoot. She robin-hooded it twice through the bulls-eye without skipping a beat. Those two antelope she’ll shoot this week won’t stand even the tiniest of chance. We decided never to make her mad with a gun, and moved on. The Apprentice gave a cool class about edible plants, then we headed back. A slight cool rain was starting, and The Apprentice and I thought it was a great time to hit the pond with fly-rods and dry flies. A cold, wet hour later, we were only semi-successful, a rainbow each, what would become breakfast the next day. That night we played charades and had s’mores. It was a great day at Camp Wapiti, we decided.    
Trouble in the making
     The next day, we went on a “Critter Cruze,” waking up at 0500 to

drive around and look for elk, deer and antelope. We saw a few mule deer, a few antelope, and a possible elk all within a few miles of each other. The picture on the left here shows why it is not a good idea to lend the wheel to me and Apprentice. We have lovingly titled it, “Trouble in the Making.” After more Cruzing around, we came upon something spectacular. After coming to the top of a little hill, we saw this amazing sight of the Laramie Mountains, displayed below. It truly is a beautiful land we live in.
      Camp Wapiti has showed me that we are free-range kids. Grandma and grandpa think so too, evidently. We have a blast every year, and it is a great bonding experience. It’s important that we teach the young guys to love the land, the critters in it, and He who made it.

-The Ranger


  1. I remember this day well... Including the day, Grandpa, you let Apprentice and Ranger behind the wheel and almost died.