Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Day on the River

       Last week Grandpa came up and we went on a long awaited fishing trip on a drift boat. We went with Grandpa’s friend Spencer, the owner of said boat. I learned that fishing on a boat is a lot different than bank fishing. I also learned that our river is an awesome place to hang out on!
       Grandpa came up and immediately we went out. We stopped at the local gourmet gastropub for fishermen (AKA the Loaf ‘n Jug) just long enough to get sandwiches and Cokes, and then went out to meet up with Spencer. After loading up, we went to one of the many launch spots along the river.
       After getting underway, I learned that there are a heck of a lot of differences between bank and boat fly fishing. Almost immediately I got a huge fish (ok, just 16-17 inches…I know a lot of you guys usually catch this size of fish but hey, I’m used to 9-inch brookies). Overestimating its size, I gave my rod my hardest tug to set the hook. In my haste, I broke the fly right off the leader.
       Over the next several hours, Grandpa landed three or four fish. While I had that many on the line, I would always tug not enough, or just a little too much to set the hook. About noon, we stopped and ate lunch. Then back on the water we went, to continue fishing. We kept on getting fish on the line and I kept missing them. We figured out the reason why we keep fly fishing, at this point. You keep on thinking, “I’ll stop as soon as I make a better cast,” but every time it’s not quite what you wanted, so you keep on a’castin’. Honestly, though, I was having the time of my life. Just feeling the tug that the fish gives sends an adrenaline rush from my hat to my boots.
       I loved fishing on the drift boat. Thanks, Spencer, for providing the means and the company to have an incredible day. Thanks, Grandpa, for coming up and fishing with me. And thanks, river, for the awesome time!

-The Apprentice