Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fallen Soldiers

     Memorial Day weekend is a wonderful time to get outdoors or relax. Some may have BBQ’d fished, hiked or even just hung out and watched some movies. We spent the weekend at a nearby lake and had quality time with family and friends. Fishing was successful – with a nice rainbow to cap off the trip. We ate good food and got a little sun. One night, I was fishing off the back end of the boat when I heard Mama B ask the littles if they knew why we celebrated Memorial Day. The small ones didn’t know right away, but the two older ones answered immediately. My Spunky girl said we have the holiday to remember fallen officers. Bubba agreed and acknowledged it was a time to reflect on the sacrifice of those who fight for our freedom. It was a proud moment for this dad. I was glad they knew why we have the holiday and didn’t just say, “Yeah, it’s a three day weekend.” Memorial Day started after the American Civil War. The north celebrated on one day and the South on another. Eventually the government decided to make the last Monday of May a day to remember all fallen military personnel.   
     During the week leading up to Memorial Day, there were plenty of posts on social media reminding people the true meaning of Memorial Day. There was some shaming people that just think about the three day weekend. There were posts about family members that served and died for our great country. Needless to say, it was on my mind all week and I was able to grow more of an appreciation for our brothers and sisters in arms. For a moment, I felt a little guilty having made plans to go fishing, boating and camping. Was I truly honoring those who fought so hard to allow these freedoms? Was I only thinking of myself? I finally came to the conclusion that I wasn’t dishonoring them. I was doing the things the fallen would have done if they were with their families. It made me appreciate the love I have for my family and the opportunities I have to be in God’s country. I prayed and thanked God for their sacrifice. It will always be on my mind this time of year as we reflect on those that paid the ultimate price for me and my family to enjoy time together. Here at 3EM, we want to give thanks to every service member both present and past. Thank you. I cannot express enough how much it means to us that we are able to live in a country where we can spend our time on what matters most – at the Home Place and with Family.

-Long Rifle

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