Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Limit in an Hour

     When I say I hunt rabbits and that they’re tasty, a lot of the time I receive an expression that varies from disbelief to downright outrage. But I’m here to tell you that I hunt rabbits - and it is both fun and tasty. We have a nice recipe for what ApprenticeDad calls “Bourgeoisie Rabbit,” which is a delicious combination of cream, rabbit, thyme and mushrooms that we love. With food like this as a possibility, it’s always a good time to go rabbit hunting!
     We received an invitation to go rabbit hunting this past week, as a landowner needed someone to get rid of the rabbits in his hay. With the 3 day weekend in front of us, Grandpa and Ranger came up for some fun. They got here Friday around noon. After lunch, we headed out and got there about 2pm. I kid you not - we could see a dozen rabbits from where we parked the truck. With that, I pulled out my highly advanced single-shot assault rifle (also known as my Cricket from Christmas of ’09). After 30 minutes in the haystacks, we had a dozen rabbits. In the draw below, we got the last 20 in 45 minutes. Then we headed back to the truck and cleaned them all - which was a bit of an ordeal. After that, we were off into the sunset to watch Top Gun and eat pizza.    
     The next day, we headed out at 7am with a Coke Zero in one hand and a breakfast burrito in the other. On the way, we decided that 10 should be the limit for the day. We had that taken care of in an hour, even with an intermission of talking to the rancher. I have no doubt that with the number of rabbits in that haystack, if they turned bloodthirsty, grew opposable thumbs, and were capable of making weapons, they would destroy the entire Northern Hemisphere. We got back by noon, and then Grandpa and Ranger went home, with a full cooler of rabbits ready for their “bourgeoisie-ing.”

-The Apprentice

      Here on this blog, we’ve talked a few times about the value of hunting and making memories, rather than just a slaughter. However, I am here to tell you that maybe once in a little while, it’s okay to indulge a bit. It’s quite fun to be able to kill 30 bunnies in the space of just over an hour. I had a lot of fun hunting with The Apprentice, and the results are quite tasty!
     From the moment we arrived, we knew it was to be a good day. Bunnies were scurrying every which way, the weather was unusually warm, and the terrain was great. Now, let me tell you something. Whatever you’ve heard about Wyoming ranchers, our very first conversation illustrated that these guys were some of the nicest, kindest humans to walk the Earth. If the world was full of Wyoming ranchers, everything would be good.

     However, if rabbits had decided to rule the Earth, we would have significant problems, judging from the number of them in a 10 square acre area. It appeared to me and Apprentice that they were about to attack, so we decided it might be safe if we were to don protective Kevlar and possibly hazmat suits. They were everywhere! We calculated we got about a bunny every two minutes or so, but not very evenly spaced out. Once, we got 5 in about 30 seconds. It was madness, and insanely fun. We were limited by law to 30 the first day and limited by self to 10 the second, sending me and Apprentice home with 20 full rabbits each. Tonight for dinner Rangermom made a sort of rabbit stew, and now I can see why we go hunting for them!

-The Ranger


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    1. Agreed, especially when they bring home bunnies to eat! Anyway, I love that picture at the bottom. WOW!!!!!!!:D

    2. The Ranger took that one. He did good, didn't he?