Friday, January 15, 2016

Code of the West - Part 3

     So far, we've talked about the first two parts of the Code of the West, or at least the Code as
we practice it:

     The third one is a little more difficult. It's more difficult because it’s related to both the first two, but it's even more difficult because it’s part of everything we do. On top of that, it's one that might turn some of you off. But we try never to be untruthful here at 3EM (except about where we hunt and fish – we lie like rugs about that) so I'm just going to lay it out there and hope you’ll understand.

Principle 3 – Serve God.

     We are a family of faith. It's who we are. We know God lives and that Jesus Christ is our Savior. We try, in our own way to be a little more like the Savior every day. Sometimes we make it, sometimes we don't. But we know He loves us, so when we fail we get back up and keep on trying. As my father said, “It doesn't matter if the horse throws you ten times, as long as you get back on eleven.”    
     We pray. A lot, I guess. We pray in the morning. We give thanks when God grants us an animal to feed our family. We pray at night. We pray when someone we love needs help.And we pray when we find ourselves in a jackpot that we’re pretty sure we can't get out of on our own. It's just what we do.
     But maybe just as important, we try to live our faith by loving and serving others. I'm reminded of something I saw Apprenticedad do not long ago. A friend’s vehicle had broken down in Cody on a Saturday. It was going to be weeks before it could be repaired there. Apprenticedad and another friend figured out over Sunday dinner that they could use their flatbed and other equipment to go get it. Did they wait until Monday morning to do that? They did not. They just packed up and headed north after dinner. They loaded up the disabled outfit and headed home, arriving at 4:00 AM after a 430 mile all-nighter. Why? Because it's the Code of the West.