Monday, November 23, 2015


       I remember looking at her at her for the very first time. I’ve heard of love at first sight, and that was as close as I’ve ever come. She and I just “clicked”. She had a different name then, but she came to be my best friend.
       She was amazing with kids. As a rambunctious 3 year old I always had more than enough energy, and Dad didn't always have the time to wrestle for hours on end. She would chase tennis balls I would throw. She would let me roll up and down her all day, she would grab my arm and shake it in that way I loved. 
      She loved the cabin. She would jump into the creeks and scare every fish in a mile radius away. She and I loved swimming together in Molly’s Pond. She got so excited for antelope hunting. The smells, the rides in the truck, bounding through the sagebrush. But she always kept an eye on us kids, whether we were a few feet away learning how to field dress an antelope, or playing tag or hide and seek 100 yards away.
      She was a great dog. She loved me unconditionally. She would have followed me to the ends of my world and beyond. She was my friend through the good times and the rough times. But she's in a better place. A place where she can chase rabbits and tennis balls all day. A place where she can wrestle three year old boys without her back hurting. A place where she and I can play again. Thanks Bailey!

-The Apprentice


  1. Very nice writeup. We lost one just like Bailey not quite a month ago. Leaves a big hole, but eventually the great times had together help with the healing.

  2. She was a great dog and this is a great tribute.