Friday, October 23, 2015

Thanks for 5K!

       This morning, during a routine blog stats check, we noticed something that caught our eye: 5,000 views! That means 5,000 times somebody has clicked on our blog. Thank you so much! We’ve had views from the U.S., Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Canada, Romania, Brazil, Colombia, France, United Kingdom, Japan, India, New Zealand, Iraq, Hong Kong, Poland, and Egypt. A full 81 were just Russia! (So, if you’re a 3EM reader in Russia, Спасибо так много для чтения!) Thank you so much to all of our readers around the globe and we hope we can give you a taste of the Wyoming outdoors no matter where you are! With Grandpa as the post coordinator, the Ranger as the publisher, the Apprentice as the idea thinker, Long Rifle as a writer, and both Rangermom and Apprenticemom as editors, we make a pretty good team. We fired up 3EM in mid-January, and had explosive growth. We reached our first thousand views in two weeks, and 2,000 within two months. We’ve had so many nice comments from all of you, and we hope to just keep on growing. So from all of us at 3EM, we thank you for making this blog what it is today. We hope it has enriched your life and given you a taste of the Wyoming outdoors in God’s great Creation.
-Three Elk Meadow



    Is the Bible the accurate word God or are the opinions of men the absolute truth?

    According to the average of May 2005, May 2006, May 2002 Gallup Polls state that 40% of protestants and 45% of other Christians believe that the Bible is the actual word of God, to be taken literally. If that is a fact, then at least 55% who claim to be Christians do not believe the Bible is God's accurate word.

    If those claiming to be Christian do not trust the Bible, then who or what do they trust? They are left with the opinions of men.

    JOHN MacArthur Quote:
    In Acts 2:38, Peter appears to link forgiveness of sins to baptism. But there are several plausible interpretations of this verse that do not connect forgiveness of sin with baptism. It is possible to translate the Greek preposition eis—”because of,” or “on the basis of,” instead of “for.” It is used in that sense in Matthew 3:11; 12:41; and Luke 11:32.

    There is not one English translation of the the Bible that translates "for" of Acts 2:38 as "because of" or "on the basis of".

    Max Lucado Quote:

    3) “What of the ones who die before they have a chance? What if I entrust my soul to Christ and before I can tell anyone or arrange to be baptized, a swarm of killer bees attacks me and I die?”
    The answer to this question is found in the character of God. Would a God of love reject an honest heart? No way. Would a God of mercy and kindness condemn any seeking soul? Absolutely not. Having called you and died for you would he cast you away because of a curious sequence of events? Inconceivable. Is it possible for an unbaptized believer to be saved? Yes, definitely. Should every believer be baptized? Yes, definitely.

    Jesus Quote:

    Mark 16:15-16 ...preach the gospel to ever creature. 16 He who believes and is baptized will be saved...(NKJV)

    Realizing that 55% of those who claim to be Christian do not believe the Bible is God's word, it is no shock that men reject the clear teaching of Scripture.

    Belief and water baptism are essential to salvation regardless of man-made doctrine.

    Men are not baptized in water because they are already saved. Water baptism is in order to be saved.

    What could more illogical, than to believe the Bible is not the accurate word of God, and then believe without question, preachers, priests, Bible commentaries, church creed books and other extra-Biblical writings?