Friday, March 20, 2015

Gear Review: Buffs

     You’ve seen them, whether on fly-fishing videos or in any sporting goods store in the world. Maybe you thought they looked cool, but didn’t know exactly how you’d use them.
        For me, they are an essential part of any day’s wardrobe (except perhaps when heading to church on Sundays...) So here are my top 5 reasons on why Buffs are so great:

My Buff collection

1. They are versatile. In fact, according to their website, “it is impossible to show all the ways to wear a Buff." They can be used as hat or a helmet liner, they can go around your neck or around your head, etc. My favorite way is to wear it as a neckerchief.

2. They are great when it’s hot. When I’m mowing the lawn I soak it in water and wear it as a sun guard, so I don’t get sunburns.

3. They are great when it’s cold. They fit snugly around your ears, and face. This is a lifesaver when elk hunting, especially in a late season.

4. They protect from the bugs. When you see them in fly-fishing videos, the main reason they wear the Buffs are for bug protection. I can testify that without my Buff, I would have suffered through many more hours of scratching mosquito bites.

5. You can be a ninja. And hey, who doesn’t want that? You can see it is awesome...

-The Apprentice


  1. I love my Buff! And this Ninja!

  2. I shall be a Ninja, and sneak into your room, and rip all of your Buffs, so YOU can't be a ninja! WAHHAHA!!!!! Just kidding.